This wiki is devoted to the world of Polyhistor Academy, a quest run on the Questionable Questing forum.

Polyhistor Academy Edit

A magical college with a 10% graduation rate. Those who don't graduate die or wish they had.

Magic Edit

Geomancy - The magic of the world.

Hydromancy - The magic of the self.

Aeromancy - The magic of other realms.

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Mikelle McDowell is our current protagonist.

Clubs where students organize to relax and play politics.

The Intranet where students talk to each other using usernames.

The class of 31. Bennett Mathew's year.

The class of 30. Mikelle's year(note no relation to any real year).

The class of 29. The students who were sophomores when Mikelle was a freshman.

The class of 28. The students who were juniors when Mikelle was a freshman.

The class of 27. The students who were seniors when Mikelle was a freshman.

Art Club. The club Mikelle is a part of.

Exam Results

The Blooded. A group of bounty hunters/assassins that Mikelle has been made a part of.



Plans for the future.

The League Standard Grading System

Known DCs

Rewards Not Chosen

Year One

Year Two


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